Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Countdown is on again!

Like so many good intentions, things don’t always go to plan. Twelve months ago, we would have been talking about our 84-day cruise to South America and back.

I remember being so excited about booking when it first came out. But sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.
We had everything timed perfectly. Arriving back from our Circle Pacific trip and settling into our long-awaited apartment.  But “ this month” turned into “next month”, into “next year”, into just getting too close to risk it.  So, we cancelled and the Sea Princess left in January without us!
 Time is still ticking by and we have not yet moved, but they are still promising.  Instead of “next month”, all we hear is “in two weeks!”
Like childbirth, everyone keeps telling us that once we move in, all this angst will be forgotten … Yeah try telling that to a mother in the height of labour!!
To console ourselves we have booked on this year’s world cruise.  Sailing to New York, then flying down to Peru to tick off another bucket lister, Machu Picchu. We will also visit Lake Titicaca and the Amazon River.  We then return to New York, where we plan going a little further afield and visiting Boston and Washington DC.
It works out we will be visiting thirteen new cities and revisiting seventeen, but that doesn’t matter as there is always something new to do no matter where we go.

For a sneak peek, check out our "preview" video... GaznJo's Adventures 2017


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