Saturday, July 8, 2017

Genoa the Camera Saga continues.

A note to the desk from Shazza about the lack of lighting, signage and direction compromising our safety in this dodgy port area the previous night, prompted a public apology from Captain Arma. Citing a lack of communication with the port authority who didn’t know that we were spending the night, so they just shut up shop and went home at the end of the day. Trouble was they still weren’t turning up till later in the morning. 

Heading out early on a mission of camera shopping, we found groups of passengers aimlessly wandering around in circles trying to find their way out of the port..  Now being experts after the last  night, like the pied piper we led them out. Once out they all dispersed in their desired directions.

Back to the main shopping street we headed, looking for anything that resembled an electronics store.  We found plenty of tiny camcorders but we wanted something with a bit more grunt.  Resolved with the fact that anything is better than nothing we were ready to settle for one of these smaller models.  As an afterthought at the final store, Garry asked the shop assistant one last time “is there anywhere else, we can go?” With a scratch of his head and a light bulb moment, he said “yes”.  Out came the map, and with an X that marked the spot, we were on our way again.

Entering a shop that had the layout of a mini JB Hi Fi, and defeat weighed heavily on our shoulders, we searched for the cameras.  Then what to our wondering eyes should appear!  But a video camera and I gave a cheer!  Practically the same model number as ours with a difference that didn’t affect anything that we were interested in.

The world was now as it should be and Garry was back from the dark abyss with a spring in his step.  Celebrating with pastries and coffee.

With the time left, we were still able to explore and test the new camera on most of the highlights of the city.  Wandering the many streets and laneways we came across squares with ornate churches, monuments and fountains.  Walking the portico’s on Via XX Settembre with the old buildings repurposed as shops. We potted around the fresh food market and drooled at the delicacies they had on offer.  A small park with winding pathways that led you hidden treasures like beautiful views and gorgeous waterfalls and ponds. It did have an interesting automated public toilet. After each use it was locked for a self-cleaning process that took several minutes. That is ok, unless person no 2 is also busting to go!!

Walking down Galleria Garibaldi lined with the palaces of Genoa, interesting on the outside, but with grand entrances leading into open courtyards and gardens on the inside.

Weaving our way back to the ship, we headed out to deck 11 for a beautiful sail away, and our last glimpse of the Italian coast.

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