Thursday, May 25, 2017

04 Melbourne, buy one get one free

Well we scored a two for one offer on our visit to Melbourne.  Due to the threat of high winds and bad seas our Captain made the decision to extend our stay in Melbourne by another day, which meant we would arrive in Fremantle a day late.  The good news was that Colombo is still on track!

Another bonus was that Melbourne greeted us with beautiful sunshine but a wind chill factor that kept the temperatures down.

Cruising buddies Sharon and Peter joined us for a day, spent walking to St Kilda.

We docked at Station Pier along with the Spirit of Tasmania.  The terminal was well set up with volunteers eager to help you plan your visit.  The Myki card sellers were doing a roaring trade with their $15 all you can ride offer.  Outside the terminal, buses, trams, even cyclists were at the ready to take you wherever you wanted to go.

We just followed the esplanade for approx. 5.5km to reach St Kilda, following markings on the ground teasing you with how much further you had to go. In order to preserve some of the city’s heritage, the facades of many of the old brickworks and distilleries have been left intact.  Like a snake shedding its skin, the new buildings seem to be breaking through the top of the old creating an interesting contrast. 

Making it about half way we stopped for coffee at one of the small cafes that dot the waterfront.  Thinking we were witnessing some sort of Druid water ceremony, there were a group of men in circular formation, standing in the water.  Even more interesting were the cameras on the beach filming this sacred event. Wasn’t till we got closer that we realised it was the North Melbourne Football team engaging in some cold-water therapy… Of course, us girls stopped and watched for a while…

Forcing ourselves to keep moving we headed into St Kilda down past the pier and Sea Baths.  The familiar laughing face of Luna Park and the Palais Theatre are just a couple of the sites we passed on our way to Acland St.  A trendy little street lined with café’s and the most delicious looking pastry shops which we now regret in not partaking.  Another feature is the amazing artwork that adorn the plaza and the buildings, reminding us of our visit to Ashbury in San Francisco last year. 

We ate lunch down by the water front then started our trek back to the ship.  Having walked around 15 kilometres today we certainly felt we had our share of exercise for the day.


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