Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Captain Genaro Arma

“Have a relaxing day on the beautiful and friendly Sea Princess.” Those are the words that our Captain Genaro Arma uses to describe his ship.

Each sea day at 12 midday the bell rings out, Garry uses this as a signal for lunch, but it is really the introduction to our Captain’s daily update.  He usually starts with our position, the weather and what we are to expect in the next 24 hours . He then finishes with a little bit of nautical trivia.

Today it really was a bit naughtical…. Crossing the Bight the seas were rough, as if caught in a washing machine cycle we were pitching and rolling.  The captain told the story of how it is King Neptune that controlled the sea conditions.  Sailors believed the sight of a naked woman would keep him happy and ensure calm seas.  This is why on many of the old ships you will find a carving of a naked mermaid on the bow.  The Captain then suggested that if any lady on board wanted to help out, she could do so, but in the privacy of her own cabin.


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