Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fremantle 2

Today started off with a mission! I needed a new camera! Just after leaving
Melbourne and starting to work on my blog, I noticed that there was
something desperately wrong with all my photo's. The edges were blurry. At
first, I put it down to user error, but EVERY photo! I checked the
settings, I reset the camera what felt like a gazillion times, but to no
Now most professional photographers would pay a lot of money for a filter to
get the same effect, but for my type of photos, it looked more like I was in
a drunken stupor than being artistic.
Because of the time of year, we have arrived in each of our ports under the
cover of darkness. The sun has not been rising until after 7am each morning.
Though there is something about seeing a city lit up in all its glory.
Just before you exit the Terminal, Meeters and Greeters are there to assist
you with maps and information on how to get around and what to see. Whether
it is jumping on a train to Perth, catching the free Cat Buses that take on
a tourist run or just walking around Freo, it is a place very easy to do on
your own.
With the shops not opening till 9am we decided on just walking randomly
around until the Camera Store opened. The first thing that strikes you
about Fremantle is the beautiful Victorian buildings. I was getting anxious
now, as all I wanted to do was to take photos, but I knew anything I took
would end up in the trash can until I got my new Camera. Practically
breaking the doors down, we were in the store by 8.59 and out by 9.15 with
my Sony in hand and a grin on my face like a Cheshire cat.
The city centre streets are lined with the most gorgeous buildings lovingly
restored, and now house restaurants, cafes and specialty shops: very
As if frozen in time sculptures can be found throughout Fremantle. Each
depicting a certain time, event or the simple lifestyle in Freo's History.
Paying tribute to its leaders, heroes or just showing the struggles of its
everyday people.
The Fremantle markets were in full swing. A wonderful array of fresh
produce, meats and cheeses. Street food so tempting and pleasing to all
the senses, making you wish you didn't eat so much at breakfast!!
Enjoying the warmth of the sun we decided to walk along the esplanade to
make our way back to the ship. Being a Saturday the parks and reserves were
filled with families enjoying this glorious day that Freo had put on for us.

There is always something special about water, boats and marina's, so it was
a given that this was where we would sit and enjoy a well-deserved coffee,
and the popular holiday past time of people watching.
Along the waterfront, we visited the Shipwreck Galleries. Taking pride of
place in the museum was a section of the ill-fated Batavia wrecked in 1629.
The display included several other artefacts that have been brought to the
surface, including a sandstone portico destined as an entrance to a
building, not sitting on the bottom of the sea.
Just like all good cruisers we made the obligatory stop in Coles and its
adjoining liquor store where we spotted many familiar faces. Like a trail
of ants, we all headed up the gangway to the sounds of the tinkling bottles
as they knocked against each other.
It's funny to watch the crew just rolled their eyes in defeat as each bottle
rolled along the scanner's conveyer belt, and the passengers looking
chuffed, that they managed to sneak their wine through.
It was a beautiful sail away with the warm sun and blue skies. The
waterfront was lined with waving well-wishers and a flotilla of small boats
at full throttle escorting us out of the harbour.
To quote our captain, goodbye from the beautiful and friendly Sea

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