Monday, May 22, 2017

Day 1 in Sydney

We decided to spend the two nights before our cruise in the Sydney. We had several friends we who just happen to be in town to join the Golden Princess that was leaving the day before us for their Circle Pacific cruise.

Little did I know that there was a little surprise brewing in the background and that every time I was rousing on Garry for being on his phone whilst we were lunching with Larry and Dee, he was sending directions to Ros and Arnold so they could join us…  It was a lovely surprise as we had not seen them in quite a while.

In a true Sydney tradition, we pub crawled our way to our next rendezvous with Ron and Eadie… more lovely American friends that we were catching up with.

We booked the two nights at the Tank Stream Hotel.  It wasn’t expensive and it was close to the Overseas Passenger Terminal so that ticked enough boxes for our stay.  Not the biggest of rooms, but hey, we are inside cabin passengers so it really didn’t worry us.  The rooms and bathrooms were nicely decorated and the minibar was FREE.  Don’t get excited, juice, a couple of soft drinks and water and protein bars that were replaced daily.  We were more than happy with our stay.

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