Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Like we never left!

It doesn't take long to slip back into our shipboard routine. This is our
first cruise on the Sea Princess, except for the names of the venues, she
really is not different to the Dawn and Sun. She is the youngest of the
three sisters and you can see the slightest of changes to make her more user
One thing that is noticeable is how friendly the staff are. Every one of
them is quick with a smile and a happy hello. There is the excitement when
you recognise a staff member and even better when they recognise you back.
Especially the beautiful Oana, the only female Deputy Maître d in the whole
Princess Fleet.
World cruises must be addictive, because everyone seems to keep coming back.
So many repeat passengers that everyone looks familiar. Like creatures of
habit we all sit in the same seats and do the same things as we did on the
last cruise.
Here we sit just outside of the Horizon Court, me on my lap top, Garry
reading his book. The wonderful waiters keeping us supplied with hot
coffee. The elderly gentleman that jogs around deck 14 for what seems like
an eternity, the passenger that tethers himself to the edge of pools and
swims marathons in the same spot. We keep looking up expecting to see Ray
and Paula walking across the deck, stopping for chat before they head into
breakfast. But alas they are not with us this year.

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