Wednesday, June 28, 2017

14 Edging our way to Rijeka... or where we.

When you’re lying in the sun, oblivious to what is happening in the world around you.  Unless you were sitting at the back of the ship watching our wake, you would never realise that the ship had made a 360 deg turn.  Of course, being oblivious to anything, you would not notice that the sun is now in a different spot… well, I am on holidays.

With 2000 people on board, things are bound to happen and it was unfortunate that a passenger had to be airlifted due to a medical emergency.   As Corfu was our closest island, the Captain swung the ship around for us to be in a much more reachable position for the Coast Guard helicopter.  Thankfully all went well.

Our consequence of sailing for two hours in the opposite direction, meant that our 6 hour visit to Rijeka, was now down to 2.  The powers that be decided that it was better for us to continue onto Venice and arrive in the early evening one day early.   


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