Friday, June 2, 2017

Most Travelled Passenger - A Global Gypseas Trifecta

It was cheers all round when they announced Wayne & Joan, Sylvia & Steve and
Anne & John as our top 3 most travelled passengers. Cruise Critic scoops the
We were lucky enough to be invited by Anne & John to attend the Captains
Circle Party as their guests, which meant we had front row seats for a
change. An open bar made it even more delightful.
There has been several Captain Circle Parties to accommodate the large
number of return passengers. Parties were divided up into loyalty levels.
I did hear that at the Gold and Ruby party they raffled Elite Benefits for
the entire to the lucky winner.
With over 600 elites there were 2 different timeslots allotted. Kelly the
Captain Circle Host bombarded us with statistics, with the most significant
being the average Elite is approx. 71 years old, has travelled approx. 270
days and completed around 13 cruises..

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  1. Great to be able to follow you and see pics of Mum and Dad - Thanks!