Friday, June 2, 2017

Walking with the Grumps.

Keeping fit is a resolution that we all start with at the beginning of
the cruise. I decided to try tai chi. Unfortunately, I tend to tackle
things like a bull at a gate and instead of the slow, gentle movements, my
approach can be best described as chi on steroids. Fighting the urge to
complete ten rotations to the instructor's one, my back was the first to
protest and I ended suffering more than benefiting.
So I decided that walking the deck was more my speed. Unfortunately, it is
also everyone else's. What can I say, Deck 7, busier than George Street
during the peak hour rush. Deck 7 has a lovely wide promenade that
encircles the whole ship. This is not the place if it is a gentle stroll
you are after. Like nascars at the speedway, joggers weave in and out
jostling for pole position. The sounds of tut tuts if they get caught
behind the easy walkers. Grumbling if the track is cut short due to some
routine maintenance, threats of writing letters to the front desk
complaining that work shouldn't be done whilst people are trying to walk.
For me, my walk of choice is the solitude of deck 14, boasting beautiful
views of the ocean, a chicane as you walk around the deck chairs and a
chance hello from a friend as you walk past the Terrace Grill.. Each lap
taking 450 steps and approx. 5 minutes to complete.
Ah.. Life is good!!

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  1. You could take your walk before breakfast, when the only thing you have to avoid is crew swabbing the desk.