Friday, June 2, 2017

The thrill of a drill.

Seven short and one long blast.. An announcement that there are several
fishing vessels speeding towards us and evasive action is about to commence.
Everyone is to head straight back to their cabins and await further
instructions. Curtains are closed and doors are propped open. We are under

That is the scenario that is taking place, all part of our mandatory Piracy
Drill. We will soon be entering the Gulf of Aden and we are being prepared,
just in case.

The water cannons and ERAD equipment are all being tested whilst we are
tucked away safely in our cabin. People just can't help themselves, and
Captain Arma must make another announcement asking some to stick to the
program, as a few thought it would be a good idea to watch from their
Our cabin is very close to the crew area, so we can hear all the
announcements. Phones constantly ringing, instructions being called out in
a language we don't understand.

Unlike a real attack, we were prepared for this one. With our flat whites
and pastries, we sit in our cabin catching up on blogs and emails.. "Wish
that phone will stop ringing!! Hmm but I can listen to our Captains accent
all day! "

This drill seems to be taken a little more seriously, with lots of scenarios
being played out. At the moment, we can hear someone reporting that they
have a passenger missing in E339.. Hey that is our old cabin LOL..
Oh Oh.. There is a crew member missing from her position, several
announcements for her to report in.. Natalia, hate to be in your shoes when
they find you .. Good news passenger from E339 has just been found. We are
assuming that this is all part of the drill .. Well I hope so for Natalia's

Captain just announced that our drill was a success and that we can all
stand down and resume our holidays. He did mention that there were three
cabins that decided not to participate in the drill. So we will now have to
keep an ear out on the cruise ship grapevine and see if there is any

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