Thursday, July 6, 2017

Venice Day 3 - Murano, Burano and Garry's favourite niece!

* Before I start I just want to apologize for my blog being alittle out of
whack. I post to my blog via email and sometimes they send in a different
order than I plan. I will fix it all when I get home and have real internet
and not this "Ship" ( although I would like to use another word ) Internet.

Today was about catching up with family, with the added bonus of visiting
two lovely islands in the archipelago of Venice. Bringing along her daughter
Charlotte, partner Gary and his daughter Livvy, Garry's niece Vicki flew out
of the UK to meet us. It has now become a little tradition and each time we
travel to Europe, they come to one of our ports of call.
No matter how many times you wander the lanes of Venice you never tire of
the wonderful vistas each time you turn a corner or cross a bridge. As we
entered St Mark's Square, we stumbled upon a parade for Veterans. Not quite
the magnitude of an Anzac Day march, but small groups of Italian 'Diggers'
marching under their identifying flags, followed by a large group of active
soldiers marching to the beat of a drum, but it was their singing that was
most moving.
We walked along the canal until we found the Station where we caught the
Vaporetto out to Burano. The beautiful coloured houses that line the canals
makes this a picture-perfect fishing village. Originally coloured so the
fisherman could find their way home no matter in what condition they were
in. Another story told was that the fishermen's boats were also painted the
same colour as their houses just in case they were lost at sea and if a
wreckage was found they would know who it belonged to. Catering to the
tourists, shops and restaurants line the canals and squares, many selling
the beautiful lace that Burano is famous for.
Back on to the Vaporetto and over to Murano, a trek we did with many, many
tourists who had the same idea for the day. Murano is famous for its glass.
Like an all you can eat buffet, you could watch glass blowing for a cost of
seven Euros each. Times that by six and you could probably buy a nice piece
to take home. so we passed. If it could be made from glass, they had it.
Exquisite pieces that come with exquisite prices. They say if you can
afford it, it is made in China; if you can't then it is Italian. But apart
from that Murano still had its charm, much like Venice but on a smaller
Another thing that we had noticed in Venice over the past few days were
these strange sculptures. Biennale 2017 is on and we Murano had the most
amazing glass sculptures out of the three islands we visited.
On our trip back we caught a vaporetto that went to Piazziale Roma, a
quicker trip back as we boated into Venice from the back and avoided the
scenic cruising of calling into the other islands.
Finishing our day drinking beers and aperol spritzes, we then bid our
visitors goodbye and headed back to the ship.
Our last night in Venice was celebrated with a masquerade ball on deck as we
sailed back through the canal in darkness to the sounds of "Time to say
goodbye" played around the ship.

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